The adventure first began in 2011 when I accepted a job with a wonderful wedding coordination company which was originally based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I quickly discovered just how passionate I was for this crazy, whirlwind of an industry and by 2012 I was thrilled to launch Southern Grace Events.

Fast forward to 2016 when I met the Chandler's who were in the process of building Chandler Oaks Barn. Once again, I was offered  a dream position. I cheerfully accepted the role as event and venue manger for the sweet Chandler family. We held our first event at Chandler Oaks in March of 2017 and the rest is history.


Planning, designing, organizing details and connecting people brings pure joy into my life and I am so thankful for the gifts, talents and opportunities the Lord has blessed me with.

I truly love what I do.



Our Story + Our  Team

Amy Brooks

Owner + Founder

"Weddings and events have always been my passion. I drove my poor, sweet, wonderful mother absolutely crazy growing up because every year, I insisted on sitting her down for hours at a time and planning my next birthday party a solid 6 months in advance (sorry mom) but it led me here!

 I have too many favorite parts of a wedding to narrow down one particular moment.  I love it all from planning the details, learning a couple's specific style and story, connecting the vendors,  to setting up ALL the killer decor our brides have hand picked. I also melt over the moment a bride sees the reception space completed or when her groom sees her walking down the aisle toward him. Gosh, I seriously love it all. If I had to choose, I guess one of the moments that would be the most meaningful to me personally would be hugging our tear filled, smiling couples and their families at the end of the night just as they begin to express what a wonderful time they had. Those are tear jerker moments for me. All the hard work is for that moment ."

Nickname: A, Amos, Ames, Blondie, Aim

Spouse: Joshua Daniel

Fave color: Seaglass/Seafoam

Babes: Noah Daniel + fur babes Summer + River

Fave food: BBQ, Pasta, chocolate

Dream Trip: Greece

Binge: Gossip or Gilmore Girls, You

Home Style:  Southern coastal 

Music: Literally Everything - Country first

Indoors or out? OUT, always out

Guilty pleasaure: Justin Beiber, Dessert + Pedicures 

Something weird: I have a crazy weak stomach and have

actually  passed out from medical related media.

Hobby: Floral design, boating/fishing, Traveling



Amy + Josh's Wedding Day

Meet the rest of our team...

Without these wonderful, talented, hospitality motivated women, Southern Grace Events would not be possible. I am extremely thankful for the gifts each one of these precious girls possess and am confident every time I send them out to care for

our incredible couples!

team out
team neut

Photos by Shannon Fries Photography

Meet Abby:

Lead Coordinator

"Weddings are full of such joy and paint a beautiful picture of the love two people have for each other. The walk back down the aisle is my favorite part of a wedding when the bride and groom have a face that says, 'we did it!' That's the best."
(Abby also works in our floral department and is the owner of September Magnolia Florals - be sure to check her out!)

Meet Alex:

Lead Coordinator

"I love creating unique settings filled with ornate details that reflect a couple's style. My favorite moment of the wedding day is when the newlyweds make their grand reception entrance and seeing their expression of absolute bliss! Exceeding a bride and groom's expecations is one of the most rewarding joys of wedding coordination. 
(Alex also owns Luminous Memoirs Photography - be sure to check her out!)

Meet Maddison:

Lead Coordinator

"My favorite part of the day between the bride and groom is the first look. I absolutely adore these pictures.  Another part of the day that is a favorite is when the bride sees the reception for the first time all set up. It’s purely magical. All the hard work comes together in one room."

Meet Sara:

Event Assistant

"I absolutely love decorating so seeing the finished product is what I look forward to most. Seeing all the ideas materialize from paper to venue, from the floral tablescape to all the personal touches, that is my favorite part of event coordinating."

Meet Frankie:

Event Assistant

"I really enjoy when the bride and her dad are waiting to go down the aisle, they say such endearing words to each other. And of course the couples first dance is always magical."

Meet Shannon:

Lead Coordinator

" I love creating magical moments on wedding days that become memories to cherish for years to come!"
(Shannon also owns Shannon Fries Photography - be sure to check her out!)